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The Offices of Dr. Eric Bailey, inside the Monticello Target Optical, provides quality eye care to the local community including: comprehensive eye exams, contact lens fittings, eye disease treatment, pediatrics (3+), and general family eye care.

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About Our Team

Our team of eye care professionals is experienced and friendly. We’re here to help all patients understand their benefits, schedule appointments, and fulfill their eye doctor’s orders. Our opticians can give you guidance in picking out your perfect pair of eyewear, and our friendly optical team is knowledgeable about billing and benefits coverage.

Dr. Eric Bailey

Dr. Eric Bailey

Dr. Eric Bailey is the eye doctor of Target Optical- Monticello, is a board certified Eye Doctor of Optometry by the International Association of Board of Examiners. He has served in national FDA research trials as Chief Investigator and consulted with most of the major eye care industry including Johnson & Johnson, Ciba Vision, and Bausch & Lomb.

As an author and editor Dr. Bailey has been extensively published in peer reviewed journals as well as multiple trade magazines. Dr. Bailey was also as Editor of Optometry Today magazine. He lectures nationally on a wide range of optometric topics.

Dr. Bailey also works directly with multiple industries in the area of evaluation of workplace lightening needs. Optimal lighting and visual correction for employees improves efficiency, safety and quality at minimal expense to industry.

Currently Dr. Bailey practices primary care optometry while continuing to consult in the areas of workplace vision care, contact lens materials and solution development, pharmaceutical drug evaluation and the advancement of computer technology in the health care delivery system.

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